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Who practices Hockey?

Coaches should use the practice plans as a guide and select the plans that best suit the group of kids with which they are working. This can be done by scaling up or scaling down the plans and progressions, or even better, by creating your own plans using a combination of these drills and games as well as your own ideas that match the players’ abilities.

The beginner plans start from a very basic learn-to-skate and learn-to-play continuum and are best suited for players just starting in the sport, or 6-and-under players. As the children progress, start to add some of the drills and games listed early within the intermediate section. The intermediate plans will fit for most players who have been in the sport for a year or so. As players progress, coaches can adapt and begin to add the drills and games outlined for the advanced group.

The advanced plans are designed for 8-and-under players who have been playing for multiple years, and more specifically, the 8-year-old player. Some of the drills and games begin to integrate concepts that kids will need at the 10-and-under level.

The goals at 8-and-under are to build foundational skills in skating, puck control and competition in 1v1 battles. As the players move closer to 10-and-under, additional skills are added.

Coaches should run the same practices two to three times consecutively so that the players become comfortable with how the games and drill operate and can then focus on better execution. Even running a specific drill or game four, five or six sessions in a row is acceptable if needed to master key components before moving on to something more difficult. It’s the coaches job to continually adjust the components of practice to balance both the success and challenge levels that the players face.

when it comes to skill development we are definitely talkin’ about practice. Not a game. Not a game. We’re talkin’ about practice.

The details of the game are very important to the Hockey team and for me as a coach.  Don’t let your players simply come and attend practice and wait for instructions from the coach.  They are there to get better every day and push their teammates to improve also.

1.) Passing – It’s up to the players to focus and stay ready so they can pass and receive the puck consistently.  Players have a tendency to lose focus as practice goes on or as a drill continues.

2.) Communication – Be loud and call for pucks and talk through various responsibilities on the ice, both offensively and defensively.  Being loud makes everyone accountable and increases the energy on your team.

3.) Stop at the net – If you want to score you need to learn to stop and hunt down loose pucks.  Don’t stop beside the crease, or below the goal line.  STOP at the top of the crease.

4.) Shoot to Score – This is the player’s chance to take pride in scoring and gain confidence so they know they can score in a game.  Too many players are happy shooting on the goalie.  After the goalies are warmed up (1drill), the players should always shoot to score.  Have them keep track of how many they score.  Example, 4/10.

5.) Compete – Learn to push yourself and your teammates and compete in practice.  Don’t take the easy way out and coast through the drills.  Being intense in practice will lead to playing with more intensity.  You cannot simply learn to turn the switch on for games.

Five Tenets of Hockey

The Five Tenets of Hockey guide everything we do. Through training, we cultivate these traits within ourselves. By offering Hockey instruction, we inspire our students to live these…





Indomitable Spirit

We conduct local and international multi-sports tournaments every year.

Sharjah Tigers Indian Club is host to dozens of local and international sports tournaments and events throughout the year. Be it tennis, cricket, Hockey, football, or any other sport, chances are the major event are hosted by Sharjah Tigers Indian Club in Sharjah. Establishing itself as a global sports hub, Dubai has been welcoming the top sporting talent for high-profile championships and events for many years now. And the 2022 sporting calendar is immensely impressive! Joining with us, you can discover the top sports events in UAE to participate in or attend this year.

Organizers and athletes are drawn to our excellent facilities, convenient location, and amazing weather. Get through all the details with the Sharjah Tigers Indian Club management team and volunteers so that everyone understands how the tournament are proceed. Assign all tasks beforehand and ensure everyone knows their competition date and venues.

Sports enthusiasts will be delighted to know that there’s a busy schedule of competitions, tournaments and challenges to look forward to this year!

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Sharjah Tigers Indian Club

Sharjah Tigers Indian Club a renowned in the region for beginner and advanced level coaching and training by international level and experienced Coached. We are now offering Venue booking services for Hockey, Indoor Air Conditioner Badminton Courts, Cricket Courts & Football Court.

Our classes separated by age groups and belt ranks in order to ensure high quality martial art instruction.

We are a family-friendly Sports facility. Whether you are looking for a way to boost your child’s confidence, improve their grades in school, give them discipline, or give them an outlet to become physically and mentally stronger, we are the school for you!


Leading Cricket Academy

Top provider of youth cricket across the city specialising in training, games, camps and both inbound and outbound experiential tours.

Offering coaching programmers for all cricketers, starting with Babyshop Cricket Cubs, with classes led by the city’s top coaches.

The academy follows a professional curriculum with brilliant facilities at all venues. Sharjah Tigers Indian Club  has a friendly, family atmosphere with an inclusive program for boys and girls of all ages, abilities and nationalities. Providing a professional approach with a fun and engaging atmosphere for all.

Cricket lessons and sessions include a range of skills to be learned both on the field aided by online training program. Children can play in competitions, develop and enjoy the game of cricket through formats that progressively and holistically develop budding cricketers and provide them with opportunities to train at some of the region’s best venues.



To find the right words is not easy this time. I get mixed feelings when looking back on 2020. What a year!

As we reach the end of another extraordinary year it’s a perfect time to pause and reflect on what we have experienced and achieved individually and collectively as a Sharjah Tigers Indian Club family.

Once again, we have all been presented with significant challenges due to the ongoing constraints of the global pandemic. Social interaction in communities and throughout Sports has been constrained through the year and some of you might sadly have lost family members, friends, or colleagues. Let’s all remember those members of our Sharjah Tigers Indian Club family who passed away in 2021.

We should also acknowledge the disappointment for event hosts, athletes and other participants who missed out on championships, domestic leagues and test series that were cancelled in 2021.

Despite the extraordinary times there is much to celebrate. With every challenge we have faced this year an opportunity has arisen.  Our focus at a world level has been able to turn to consultation with our Members on changes to our brand, our strategy and our values to strengthen the international framework that helps drive the growth and development of our sport.

As a public-facing show of our positive and aspirational intentions for sports at a global level, in coming months.  We developed a new forward-thinking strategic plan with a clear Vision of a sport that is open to all; a Mission to expand our worldwide reach and impact, delivered through three core Strategies to GROW, PLAY and INSPIRE. We were delighted that our innovative campaign was shortlisted for this year’s Sports Business Awards.

Acting on our new strategic plan and building on our many online experiences from 2020 that brought our Sharjah Tigers Indian Club family closer together.

Finally, I am proud of the progress we continue to make despite the challenges and I look forward to leading you into what is set to be an exciting year for our sport as we continue to grow, to play and to inspire.

Let’s look forward to 2022 with optimism.

President – Sharjah Tigers Indian Club

Client Success Story

My parents brought me here once to see a match. I liked it so much that i wanted to start playing badminton right there and then. The coaches are very kind and nice. I have learned so much about this sport and would like to continue learning to become a professional.
Jenny SmithBadminton player
What a great and joyful way of spending time with great people doing your favorite thing! I have sharpened my Badminton skills greatly. Thank you and your coaches for making it so much fun. I appreciate what you do for adults and for kids. Good luck and cheers!
Mary WarrenBadminton player
This is my favorite badminton club in the city area! I have spent several years playing on these courts, and I love it! The staff is great, the landscapes are amazing and the atmosphere here is just super nice. I strongly recommend everyone to join the club as soon as possible.
Nicky RobertsBadminton player

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Pick the most comfortable time for you or your kids’ training to play tennis.

Convenient Location

Find our courts in the friendly area easily and travel to play with no hassle.


Structured Programs

Our programs are artfully developed for beginners and experiences players.

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Football classes @ Sharjah Tigers Indian Club

Best Football Academy and Best Sports Development Project in Football

Since 2017, the Sharjah Tigers Indian Club aims at helping young footballers take their first steps into the football world by educating them. Composed exclusively of high level professionals providing the best experience on and off the field.

COVID-19 precautions: We have been strictly following the local authority’s restrictions, guidelines, protocols and precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our staff, players and families.

We aim to develop footballers through a vision which combines technical aspects with mental, emotional and interpersonal ones. Our methodology can be  in four points:





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